Agile Product Development

Agile Expert John Behrens

From my over 15 years experience in Agile projects i created this course so everbody can reach great agile product development skills, It is made for Product Owners and other team members. You will learn the Agile skills to make your project a success.

You will learn:
βœ… Basics behind of Scrum
βœ… Scrum for developers
βœ… Software architecture
βœ… Fully understand Scrum process
βœ… Backlog and goal managment
βœ… Kanban and Lean principles

βœ… Successfull requirment managment
πŸ› οΈ How to use that in praxis

Product Architecture

Within Agile Development, software or other architecture emerges. The lection about Architecture has been recorded at a famous Viking Longhouse in Fyrkat fortress Denmark.

Updates and interaction

The course receives frequend updates, questions are always welcome and will be answered. From time to time there will be interactive live sessions or exercise events

Iterative Development

Innovation comes by iteration, most products in history where improved iteratively. Agile Development methodologies foster this behaviour, by shorter iterations you will be able to adapt to the market quicker

Course Intro

A tour to Agile Product Development

Hi my name is John Behrens, I an Agile Coach, Software Developer, Tester and sometimes so called DevOps. I love work together with teams and organization to help them in all struggles they have with developing products. I have over 20 Years experience in developing digital products and services. And decided to create this course to give you the chance to take profit of that knowledge. As product development and making decisions about the its features, goals, contents is essential to the success of any product I created this course to support individuals and teams with setting right priorities, methodologies, focus and tools. This tools is useful for Product Owners, stakeholders, Developers and also Entrepreneurs or Managers who develop their product. It combines theoretical knowledge about Scrum, Kanban and Agile with practical real world work experience. Your personal knowledge will extend and your toolbox will after succeeding this course. Many of my clients used, this content as a preparation for Scrum Master or Product Owner exams. Anytime if you have questions feel free to contact and there is also the option for a personal coaching for your specific belongings.