Students will learn about Metholodiges about Agile Development and all skills needed to Develop Products within the Digital World

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"My personal coaching with John helped me to get deep understanding about Agile methodologies and made me reach the Product Owner certificate."

- Manuel Meier

Agile and Scrum

If it is Scrum by the book, personal adoption or an individual composition of Agile, Kanban, DevOps and lean methodologies we are going to find the right way for you.

Software Development

Development Practices such as Test Driven Development, Acceptance Test Driven Development but also deep PHP Topics like OOP, Design Topics and Architecture could be discussed

Team Collaboration

Team related topics such as how to setup your teams, design your Processes and collaboration can, which methods to use and how to solve your actual challenges.

Hi, I’m John Behrens

Experienced Agile Coach, Online Trainer and Software Engineer.

With this personal coaching I offer people direct access to my expert knowledge. The personal coaching is highly effective as it is focussing directly on the things you actually need.